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My brand New book on Amazon: Mans Ultimate Challenge

Discipleship Pack

My website:

Go to church on-line:

Do you want real debates with Christians, Atheists, and other worldviews?

My Hero in the faith who had an enormous influence on my growth:

***Here is a class at church that I did based on his book “Roman Catholics & Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences” Catholicism

Books played a role in me coming to Christ & believing the authenticity of the Bible:

***As a side note we pray over and leave a copy of “More Than A Carpenter” in every hotel room we stay in. Get your copy for FREE by sending me an e-mail:

More Than A Carpenter

Question of the week from renown Philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig:

Make an impact on your son with a unique ‘Rite-of-Passage’ program developed by me 🙂 : 


Evangelical Philosophical Society: 

My favorite science blog:

My Friend, Best Selling Author and Steelers fan, Joel Rosenberg’s web site with

cool end times info to make you think:

Ravi Zacharias one of the most passionate teachers I know: 

Associates for Biblical Research:

National Association of Research & Therapy of Homosexuality:


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