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From MUC: “A New Kind of FORTITUDE Needed in the Military”

One Year Bible followers how is your study going? I wanted to share with you a post from my Man’s Ultimate Challenge site that addresses a Christian friend of mine who is being persecuted for his beliefs. Get used to it brothers and sisters because the Secular Fundamentalists are on the troll!  This issue has inspired me to do a multi-part series on “Secular Fundamentalism”. I will not repost any of the series, but this issue that I address below with my brother in Christ has moved me to post a series on a topic that I argue is our biggest threat of persecution in western civilization. I pray that you enjoy the post below and if so here is the link to part-1 of my series on my ministry website. Please feel free to share this via the social media buttons below…Pete Lackey



Those of you like me who love our military are used to hearing stories of FORTITUDE; i.e., courage, valor, etc. In today’s US military there is a new application of this virtue that is needed by those who have conservative views, and Lord help you Christian conservative views!!! Some of you may have heard the story of Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers, a decorated soloist for the US Army band who was recently reprimanded for openly holding Christian views in support of marriage and reading conservative books while waiting to sing.

Nathan Sommers

You see you are supposed to shut up if your views conform to Christian orthodoxy in todays military where the only religion that is permitted to be openly orthodox is Secular Fundamentalism. The misuse of the term Fundamentalist or Fundamentalism by the media is interesting in that their “new definition” of the term suits the modern Progressive quite well. Let me explain.

The term fundamentalist has its origins in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century in opposition to Protestant Liberalism and secularism insisting, for example, on the inerrancy of Scripture. In other words being considered a fundamentalist was a good thing. However, today this term is a bad thing and often used in the media and academia when speaking of those that adhere to a particular orthodox position and are “intolerant” of other views by insisting that their views alone are true. The point of using this term when referring to the secularist is to demonstrate that they themselves are in fact intolerant of opposing views and insist that their secular orthodox views are true. The secularist is as equally intolerant and dogmatic with their views, while at the same time calling those that oppose their views as intolerant and dogmatic. The secularist even goes a step further by demanding that you hold their views or else! Thus we have the Secular Fundamentalist standing on his or her own absolute relativizing every other view.

What is interesting is the fact that we even find this secular definition of fundamentalist in a dictionary that I received in my college English class (yes I actually received a book back then ha): “A usually religious movement or point of view characterized by a return to fundamental principles, by rigid adherence to those principles, and often by intolerance of other views and opposition to secularism” So, according to the dictionary, which is supposed to be an objective reference, only those religious views outside of secularism are intolerant and require adherence. Luckily the on-line dictionary maintains the classical definition of fundamentalism

Friends, this new demand for adherance to one orthodoxy is extremely dangerous to all of our freedoms, including the freedoms of those that you may disagree with! You may even disagree with this post, but we are in a free country where debate is supposed to be open and protected. But unfortunately and increasingly it is not. As a matter of fact, have you noticed that the only speech that is considered “hate speech” is speech against Secularism?

There are two common responses by the Secular Fundamentalist directed toward the “noncomformists”. Both of these responses are lessons that both liberal and conservative American parents have been training their children not to do beginning around the age of 4 years old. Talk about bi-partisanship! What are these bad behaviors of the Secular Fundamentalist?

(1) Name calling

(2) Bullying

Think about it! This is the mystical part of their religion. These new gnostics act as if they have the ‘secret knowledge’ of every nonconformist’s heart knowing that he or she must be a bigot because only the Secular Fundamenalist’s one way of believing and loving is true. Disagree, then not only are you wrong, but hateful so here come the flaming arrows of judgement, from those who are the first to say “you should not judge”. The fundamentalist jumps up on his or her box of judgement and starts with step (1) name calling: “You __________!” “You are anti-___________!” Then step (2); let the bullying begin! You must pay with your job, your finances, and worse–your good name!

Today we have Islamic Fundamentalists blowing things up and taking the lives of “nonbelievers” around the world and in a similar way we have the Secular Fundamentalists blowing the lives up of those who believe differently in Western Civilization. The good news though is that both liberals and conservatives dislike bullies!!! I say let’s work together like real men of FORTITUDE and stop the bullies.

Nathan is a friend of mine and he is a wonderful man with a deep love for Jesus Christ, his family, and this great country. Secular Fundamentalism is the threat within the military that requires FORTITUDE for dealing with our enemies “both foreign and domestic”. Who would have thought that we would see the domestic form in our day. Please visit to stay informed and help!

I am going to do a series of posts on what Secular Fundamentalism is, its history, and how you will be able to see if you have some of these views. Stay tuned…

Building Men of VIRTUE in a culture of VICE,

Peter P. Lackey, Jr.

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Persecution and A New Kind of Fortitude Needed in the Military

Well, How is everyone doing this year reading the Bible?  It is nice to hear from some of you and I pray that this has been a blessing to you.  This summer has been great and I have been out of town quite a bit. We just finished the book of Colossians where the Apostle Paul begins addressing some of the early forms of gnosticism.  Gnosticism comes from the greek word gnosis which translates into knowledge. The gnostics believed that they had access to a “secret” knowledge that all matter is evil.

I will be posting on one of the bible readings soon but I did want to share with you this post on my “Man’s Ultimate Challenge” website.  I wrote a post about a good friend of mine who is going through some persecution by the new gnostics of today.  Some of you may have seen the story in the news, but if not please take the time to read this post and please pass it on.

Here is the link:

Until He Returns,

Peter P. Lackey, Jr.

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Romans 7 & 8: Is Your Mind Set on the Flesh?

Romans 7:18 - 8:13

I don’t know about you but I find myself encouraged by Romans 7 & 8. Here we have Paul more than 20 years after he was chosen to be an Apostle by Jesus Christ after His resurrection telling us that he has the same experience of war within his body as me!  In Romans 7:15 he states that, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate to do I do.” Can you relate with Paul here? I can!!!!

But what makes this a different experience from the non-Christian? Now this is the fascinating part of these two chapters from the book of Romans and a re-read of the last post in Romans found here might help before you continue. The difference is best described as existential; meaning, an internal subjective experience that occurs when confronted with the desires of the flesh. The objective reality of the truth of God’s law and a Christian’s response to those desires of the flesh that disagree with God’s law is the center of the difference. Let me explain.

“Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who live according to the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.” – Romans 8:5

The unbeliever’s mind is “set” to follow his or her desires in the flesh and will live according to those desires that is best summed up in the modern day mantra to “following your heart”.  The non-Christian will at the moment of the desire be at peace existentially with following the desire, but will have a life that lacks true peace after the experience when the realization hits that this experience did not deliver on its promise. It was a false promise because it was built on a false premise. And what is the false premise? Jeremiah 17:9 declares that “The heart is deceitful above all things”. The non-believer has become a slave to his or her desires and does not even realize it.

On the other hand, the Christian’s mantra is to “lead your heart” not follow it. The reality is that the true Christian may fail and fall into the desire of the flesh, but existentially there was a war before the fall into sin and the experience of loss after the fall because the Christian is reminded like Paul that “what I hate to do I do”.  So, if you do not hate it when you fall into sin, no matter what it is, then ask yourself where your mind is set. Further evidence of your Christian mindset should be a confession to God and to the person that you may have injured.  This act of humility through confession and repentance is incredibly rewarding and refreshing. The goal of the Christian then is to destroy the foothold through obedience before it becomes a stronghold due to continual disobedience.

We are FREE and no longer slaves to our desires I don’t care how strong they are. These desires grow over time through continued disobedience which makes the connections in the brain to the data of the desires even stronger. But we can change our desires!!!  We can change the way we live if we change the way we think. We change the way we think by renewing our mind (knowledge) and applying this new knowledge to our life though obedience (wisdom). This leads to true peace that is lasting because God always delivers! This is why I summed up our family theme this year of “Read the Directions” into 3 points that had to do with this very topic:

(1) Renew your mind to renew your life

(2) Right thinking leads to right living

(3) God reveals what we conceal so that we can heal.

So how do we live as free men?  I remember early on in my Christian walk men telling me to “walk in the Spirit”. Now though this advice is biblical it is incomplete. So, I would ask follow-on questions that would be met with a list of sin “don’ts”. Again, this sin don’t list is incomplete and leads me to thinking about sin differently with don’t. Now there is a problem here because I end up still thinking about the sin!!!  Let me refer to the history of slavery in America as an illustration of why this is not helpful.

One of the saddest realities of the abolition of slavery is the fact that though the slaves were in reality free, many of them “willingly picked up their old chains” because they did not know what else to “do”.  The “don’t” be a slave message was not very helpful without the corresponding “do” this instead, thus free men remained slaves because nobody taught them practically “how to be free”.  For many of us this is the sad reality of our Christian walk for the very same reason.

“Don’t” causes you to focus on the flesh—makes you a slave!

“Do” activates the Spirit of God—makes freedom in Christ a reality!

Do creates desires to make the right decisions for the right reasons. These decisions create connections in the brain to good data as we put into practice 1Timothy 4:7 “…train yourself to be godly.” This training pays off as has been shown by experience of Christians through the ages and recently through scientific studies.

Science once again is catching up to the Bible as we learn that the brain is more elastic than once believed. An MRI study, by Princeton brain scientist Jonathan D. Cohen called The Vulcanization of the Human Brain: A Neural Perspective on Interactions Between Cognition and Emotion came up with some interesting results.
  •  It turns out that the brain patterns related to moral decisions need to be trained.
  • “Subjects make more rational decisions, he reports, when the neurological activity from the primitive part of the brain is blocked from interfering with the frontal lobe.”
  • Cohen then concludes that these patterns of open and blocked communication are not fixed by nature. They solidify over time.
  • Our brain patterns are vulcanized, as he puts it, and this occurs by the constant repetition of these patterns.

Here is one of my favorite quotes on these results: “…contemporary brain science and Cohen’s picture of the vulcanized brain lead pretty much to the…vision of the soul shaped by virtues—or vice”

God gave me a practical tool to help us remember a “DO” message that I believe will help. This tool is what I have named “Man’s Ultimate Challenge” and it uses the concept of military challenge coins and the 7 virtues.  So here is the positive do message to remember as a goal of life to be somebody:

(1) be a man of Fortitude and not Fear; (2) be a man of Prudence and not Carelessness; (3) be a man of Temperance and not Gluttony; (4) be a man of Justice and not Injustice; (5) be a man of Faith and not Uncertainty; (6) be a man of Hope and not Despair; (7) be a man of Charity and not Indifference

For more information on Man’s Ultimate Challenge you can visit my brand new website at:

Mans Ultimate Challenge Card

Twitter: @PeterPLackeyJr

So go and DO!

Until He Returns,

Peter P. Lackey Jr.

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