Documents & Audio


A unique & systematic presentation on why I do not have enough FAITH to be an Atheist and why you should not either: 

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 9.16.20 PM

Listen now:    From Creation To Christ.mp3


Got Questions

How We Got the Bible:

The Canon of Scripture Updated 14 Jan 2012.pdf

Texts OUTSIDE the Bible That Mention JESUS <really cool!>

non-christian sources mention Jesus updated 2-9-2010.pdf

The Most Important decision that you can make:

Are You Ready.pdf


Roman Catholics & Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences. My class based on this excellent book that is highly recommended by Catholics and Evangelicals alike (see back cover):

Roman Catholics and Evangelicals_Geisler-McKenzie

Listen now: 2007_06_17_Roman_Catholics_and_Evangelicals.mp3


My message at Gateway Bible Church on “The Davinci Code” right after a ton a biblical scholars put Dan Brown in a hole.  Remember that? Worth listening to because I spend a lot of time on how we got the bible:

 Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 3.53.14 PM

Listen now:  The Truth About Jesus and DaVinci Code 4-June-2006.mp3


One of my most requested teaching series “Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?”

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 12.33.48 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 12.36.58 PM

   Listen Part-1: The Jesus of Christianity: The Jesus of Christianity.mp3

   Class Handout: Week-1 The Jesus of Christianity Handout.pdf

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 9.44.24 AM

    Listen Part-2: The Jesus of The Couch Potato: The Jesus of The Couch Potato.mp3

   Class Handout:  Week-2 The Jesus of The Couch Potato Handout.pdf

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 9.50.57 PM Note: In this class you can here the False Teachers in their own words!

   Listen to Part-4: The Jesus of The Housing Bubble: The Jesus of The Housing Bubble.mp3

  Class Handout: Week-4 The Jesus of The Housing Bubble Handout.pdf


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