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A Theistic Context For The Miraculous

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Since we began reading through the Bible this year it has become obvious that we find many miracles recorded.  A question immediately surfaces: Are miracles possible?

Below is a link to a paper that I did for my seminary class on the Resurrection. I feel very blessed that God provided me the opportunity to sit under the teaching of an internationally recognized expert on the Resurrection and the Shroud of Turin. The goal of this paper is establishing, in short, that if it is true that a theistic God exists then miracles are be definition not only possible but actual. A God whom exists and brought the world into being ex nihilo (out of nothing) can certainly create something out of  something, like turing water into wine, that appears to us as miraculous. Above are links to the books that I read during the class that you will enjoy! A lot of reading but amazing for my faith and yours!!!

Please take the time to read this paper for it will do wonders for your faith!!!

A Theistic Context For The Miraculous 2-1.pdf

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Until His Glorious Return,

Peter P. Lackey, Jr.


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